Causes That Make Website Ranking Dropped in Search Engines

The average entrepreneur uses the website as a means to market their products. They definitely do not want their website ranking down. Many things can make website rankings go down. Here are the things that can make our blog/website rank down in famous search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines.


  1. Many keywords: Do not excessively use article keywords. Moreover, adding keywords that do not fit the article. Search engines will assume spam and also will not ignore the main keywords in the article.
  2. Keyword cheats: Do not include too many keywords that do not fit with the article because we can kick in the search engine.


  1. Outside links are numerous: Google does not like blog pages that contain many links if you must create 100 links on each page.
  2. Excessive link: Adversely affects the ranking of our blog if you have too many links from and to a similar site.
  3. Links to sites that have a bad reputation: Links to sites that have a bad reputation can lower our ranking in search engines. Examples of sites that have a bad reputation are sites that use illegal SEO techniques, such as engineered keywords, blogs that are plagiarism articles from other websites, hidden text and links, and other violations.
  4. Cross-link: Do not cross-link. Cross-links occur e.g. when site A links to site B, then site B link to site C, and site C link back to site A.
  5. Unseen link: Do not create links that are invisible to humans, as this will be known as an attempt to manipulate search engines.


  1. Illegal content: Posting the exact same posts with other blogs can cause our blog to be kicked from search engines.
  2. Hidden Text: Search engines dislike blogs that have hidden text (e.g. hidden inside frames).
  3. Frame: Do not use frames, because frames are very bad for SEO.