How to Start a SEO Online Business with Small Capital

Starting an online business is actually fun. Success opportunity is great enough if you do it seriously and according to your passion. Most people also need a small capital to start an online business in the modern era as it is today. Given the difficulty of obtaining capital in large numbers. Once you are confident with the small business online capital you choose then the use of SEO as one of the business strategy is very important.


SEO is a series of processes that are done systematically and have a goal to improve the quality of traffic visits through search engines to a particular website. Although now many online business people who use SEO in the small capital business and with large capital though. There are still many who still make mistakes in their use.

For that, we provide a way to start a small online business. With SEO as an overview, you may very well need a small capital business.

1. Creating Blog as Source of Money

The first step in getting a business is to create a blog, but you should not be careless in creating a blog because of many factors to consider in building a blog. If the capital you have to open a business is really minimal when you can choose a free blog by loading it through blogger. Actually, there is a WordPress blog rival, but a little difficult if you have too little capital.

Not only up there alone, other important things to consider in addition to creating a blog is a blog name and blog design. Choose the most attractive website design and also make sure not too heavy to open, Next, the name of the blog also try to be memorable so easily recognized by many people.

2. Setting up a Blog

Setting up a blog is a work that is not easy to adjust between what is your expectations with what you have now. Successful ways or tips to set up a blog is to imagine yourself as a visitor to your own blog, then look at what you think is less interesting and what needs to be addressed. From there will come a variety of questions that can build a blog for the better. Next, look for the best solution to resolve the question. Many good sources can be a solution for you. From this process, you as a small capital online business can learn about many things. Maybe once in a while, you may fail, but the mental champions who continue to rise will bring you to be more successful again.

3. Developing a Blog

Developing a blog is one of the most important and influential things to your online business success. The essence of a blog development is SEO, then followed by many other factors. With good SEO skills, you can bring in traffic from Google and that’s what will live your blog.

4. Make Sources Of Income From Online Business

In all stages, this is the most fun part. When your blog already has enough traffic and can be in monetization then you will get money that certainly not small. Not to mention if you make your own blog as a place to sell. Lots of online businesses that can run from a blog that you have built.

Next, to know more obviously you can see the following video:

Thus information on how to start an SEO online business with small capital. Hopefully useful and successful greetings!