Google Private Search Engine to Know

google private search

Browsing anything through search engine becomes the easiest way to solve any problems. You don’t need to buy book to look for the answer of the issues you’ve been looking for. But since private browsing modes doesn’t provide you a privacy you want, you might feel insecure. Being tracked is something that people don’t like. That’s why the existence of private search engine like Google is helpful. You can learn about Google Private Search Engine and anything related. As we know that search engine has an important role in Seo for activities like in getting website page rank or backlink. There are some ways that already optimize the search engine like guest post and Private Blog Network or PBN. But behind that, we still need to be careful with Google Private Search Engine.

What is Private Search Engine Itself?

Before jump to the more detail points, you need to understand what is Private Search Engine itself?in simple explanation, Private Search Engine works like the other popular search engines include Google. But the different is they don’t save all the keywords or anything you search through search engine. You will be more secure to use Google Private Search Engine to avoid data leak. Systematically, all the data you’ve searched aren’t linked to your computer which is very good for your security.

What’s Good and not from Google Private Search Engine?

After understanding what is Private Search Engine, you should know about what’s good and not from the Google Private Search Engine. It’s true that Google always be helpful for everyday searches. Besides, it’s also has Filter bubble that helps you by extracting info from the sources. As the result, you will get the skewed version which is difficult to access further.

But in other side, do you realize if it sometimes can’t solve more complicated problem like Math?. It might be the common issue you found before. Not only that, there are still many reasons why you should think twice to still using Google Private Search Engine. Data leak and tracking are two important answers. If you don’t know yet, Google let people include government and your business partners to access to your personal info. Even, it still tracks you through Street View.

Alternative Private Search Engine instead of Google

If you start to doubt or even afraid to use Google Private Search Engine, you can look at the alternatives. WolframAlpha, DuckDuckGo, Yippy, and Gibiru are some of the options you can choose. They might have different excess from each other, but all of them have the same advantages to value your privacy and don’t track your searches.