Guest Post Strategy to Boost Exposure

Guest post strategy is important to improve when you want people to recognize you more….

guest post strategy

Guest post strategy is important to improve when you want people to recognize you more. After learning about how to do guest posting in Seo, it’s your responsibility to bring your guest post into the next level. This article will give you some strategies of guest post to apply. Although these below are simple, but they can boost exposure if you do it properly.

Choose the Type of Guest Post

When we want to do guest blogging for Seo, of course we must know our target. We can’t choose website randomly without knowing that they allow guest posting with the same niche or not. Still related to this, it’s a good idea if you choose the right type of guest post. Observe which type that can give you authority or exposure. Mini group interview, inspirational post, or infographic are the examples that you can write on guest post.

Mention Anything Important in Your Bio

The second guest post strategy you can do is mention anything important in your bio. For those who are allowing people for guest posting, you should mention the additional information. Who are able to do it or how you can help them. The more freelancers or guest posters know these who and how, the more wider target you will get. Firstly name it who are you then connects it with your goal for guest posting. It’s good also to add your email link so that your clients can contact you easily. While for the guest poster, you can do the same which give the link to your website.

Be Active in Replying the Comments

The third guest post strategy is be active in replying the comments. If you are new or already done many guest posts, you should also make it more effective. Build relationship is always important part in guest posting. Sometimes, reader can recognize something from our post more than us. That’s why it’s a medium for us to learn. So, if you want people to contribute on your website, you should build a good relationship with your audiences.

Do More Guest Posting

The last guest post strategy to follow is do more guest posting. Although in our point of view that we send the best guest post, but it doesn’t always give us the targeted goal. There will be a day when your guest post doesn’t get the good feedback. It’s okay because there is still way to make it better by do more guest posting. The more articles you create, the more also you will get the opportunity. But make sure that your articles can help people.