How to Access Private Blogs?

If you are questioning is it possible to see private blogs without invitation, it’s your…

private blogs

If you are questioning is it possible to see private blogs without invitation, it’s your time to learn how to access private blogs. This might sounds egoistic in making blog private for some newbies. But when you know the purpose, you could be interested in owning a private blog too. Blogger, Blogspot, and WordPress are the platforms that allow you to do it. For those who want to try, you can learn how to make blog private. Just remember that blogging isn’t only to get backlink like what Seo experts do.There are also more complex way like guest post and PBN. But for some privacy reasons, it will be very beneficial and of course profitable too. No wonder if private blogs provide more valuable and informative discussion. Well, this is the point why you should know how to access private blogs.

Let the Bloggers Know If You Want to Follow Them

As we know that platforms give complete control to its users. Whether it’s web address or the pages, the bloggers can surely manage them. This what makes us difficult to access private blogs. But don’t worry, you still can contact the blog owner. Let them know if you want to follow their blog. You can send them email if you don’t know them personally. While if they are your friends or relatives, you just simply call them.

Wait for the Response

Contact the blog owner is still not enough. There will be some questions related to the further reasons why you want to access their blog. So, you are going to wait the response first. At this moment, just tell the reason why you want to read the blog contents. When you are allowed, you will get the feedback through email.

Choose an Option

In this step of how to access private blogs, you will have to deal with some options given by the blog owner. It can be more than one way like signing with your Google account or accessing as a guest reader.