How to Make Blog Private Guidance

how to make blog private

Commercial is not only the reason why then people utilizing blog. As its benefit for Seo, there are many people who look for opportunity. Guest post is one of the examples that you can find. According to the result, people who never tried it before become interested. Even, they use it for risky activities like Private Blog Network or PBN. Getting quality backlink is the reason why they still do it. But commonly, the owners allow people to see their blog. How about making it privates? For those who want to keep your privacy, you can learn how to make blog private. It will give you guidance to control who can access your blog. It will be very beneficial to protect the data only to the people you want. Which platform do you use daily? If you use Blogger, there is a guidance about how to make blog private below.

Set the Permission

Go to Blogger dashboard is the first step how to make blog private. You will find some requirements at the time you open it. But you can focus on Setting and Basic. It’s because if you never setting it before, you will find the permission for public. As the effect, all people still can see the contents you have on your blog. That’s why you can change it by clicking the Edit.

Limit to only Blog Authors

After that, you need to specify the permission you want. If you prefer more to let blog authors to see your blog, you can limit it to only blog authors. As the effect, when people who don’t belong to them can’t see it. There will be an information says that the blog they are visiting belongs to a private blog. This is the second step how to make blog private to do.

Limit to only These Readers

While, if you only want specific readers to access your blog, you can limit it too. But there will be a requirement that they must follow. Before they can read the contents on your blog, they need to get in. According to this, it requires more step how to make blog private to finish. Then put the email of the people you allow through “Add Readers”.