Knowing How to Make Blogs Private

how to make blogs private

Making your blogs private doesn’t mean that you can’t get benefit. Precisely you can do other activities which are more effective related to privacy. But you might think why should you make your blogs private if it’s not for profitable? Yeah it’s true that there are people who maximize blog for activities in Seo like guest post. Besides you also can use it to get backlink through Private Blog Network or PBN. But back again to the importance of knowing how to make blogs private, you still need to apply the requirement. It will guide you to setting the privacy you want. Learn it from the previous article about how to make blog private.

Encourage more Customer Engagement

If you think that you can’t get value without making your blog public, you are wrong. You should know that there are benefits to know how to make blog privates. For those who have business goals, you can apply marketing through your private blog. Even, you can specify the target related to your plan. Create special contents that each of them has protected password.

Anticipate a Product Launch

The second benefit you will get in knowing how to make blogs private is anticipating a product launch. You might want to plan a product to sell. But for those who just start it, you need to collect more subscribers. Then the existence of your private blog is to collect more people to anticipate your product launch.

Online Training

As we discussed before, private blog is useful to only share to specific people. Online training is the example that you can utilize. If you already have students who follow your teaching process, you can use private blog for learning source. Start it by creating content about related subjects, note, or even schedule for your teaching process.

Create Community

The last benefit you can get in knowing how to make blogs private is create community. Keep in touch with people in your community becomes easier using private blog. It’s because you can utilize supporting plugins like BuddyPress plugin. It will help you to create a forum purposes for encourage  private discussion related to organization or even business.