Basics: How to Make Blogspot Private

how to make blogspot private

Basically, blogging is very beneficial to share anything to public. It’s not only about article but also picture or videos. But there are  some people who prefer their blog private. Besides more exclusive, people who make their blog private will get more advantages you might don’t know. You can learn about the importance of knowing how to make blogs private. It’s not only good for getting backlink through guest post or even the risky method Private Blog Network or PBN. But it will give different result according to your strategy. Blogspot is one of those blogging platforms that you can use. If you want to know how to make Blogspot private, you can follow some simple tips through this article. You can control any activities related to your blog. To hide all contents on your blog, follow simple tips below.

Check out the Permissions

The number one tips how to make Blogspot private is check out the permission. Firstly, login to access your blog. Then you can go to setting, there will be some options related to the privacy. If you let search engine to find your blog, you can edit yes, while to make it private, you can choose “Only These Readers”.

Choose who are Eligible to See Your Blog

After choosing “Only These Readers”, you can continue to the next step how to make Blogspot private. It’s your time to decide who are eligible to see your blog. As we discussed before, your blog becomes more exclusive if you set it privately. For the benefit, you can add the emails of your friends or family so that they can see your blog.

Pay Attention about the Effects

The previous steps how to make Blogspot private was so simple right? But knowing the plus value is still less without knowing the minus side too. It’s because related to the security of your blog itself. As it’s limited to few people, there will be a possibility that one of them will hack your blog. Even though it’s not easy to do, but before you decide to make your blog private, you still have to think about this issue.