How to Make a Real Site for Newbies

how to make a real site

It absolutely needs more effort in making a real site for the first time. But all roads lead to Rome, you can learn how to make a real site easier nowadays. Because of the convenience of the website for some activities, there are many people who expect the benefits from the website itself. Real site is one of the example of what is happening nowadays. It becomes a good strategy for those who want to start a business which rely on the search engine such as Google. There are some ways how to make a real site for newbies that you can find. But if you want to learn in practical way, you should follow some steps of how to make a real site below.

Decide Hosting

Hosting is your first concern about how to make a real site for the first time. If you are not familiar yet about hosting, you should learn about what is hosting itself first. For the simple explanation, hosting is a media which offers a space for the website’s data. But there will be a limitation about the space they gave. You can adjust the amount you need with the package they provide.

There are two types of hosting which are shared hosting and managed hosting to choose. Of course both of them also have plus and minus. But the shared hosting is  more suitable for those who are still in the simpler stage while the managed hosting provides more complete features such as security and backups for maintaining your business.

Create a Suitable Domain for Your Site

It is just like the other things that need name to be known, your site is also the same. You can try to make a plan in creating a suitable name for your site. But you have to be careful because the more interesting or catchy your domain, the more also a opportunity you get. People will be easily remember your domain if you create a good name for your website. It is also beneficial for you as the website owner in remembering your domain moreover if you have lots of websites.

Install the Content Management System

Content Management System or CMS becomes your next concern about how to make a real site for the first time. You have to choose one of the CMSs which are already available. But for a good recommendation, you can choose WordPress for your real site. Besides having a popularity, WordPress is an ideal for those who want a simple and economical way for their website.

It can be said that the existence of the CMS is really helpful for people in creating contents on their website. That is why installing CMS is a good choice for you in maintaining your website for business purpose.

Make a Customization of Appearance

Appearance is the next step about how to make a real site for the newbies. After you success installing the CMS and login to your website as the admin, it is necessary for you to make a customization of the appearance. You can choose and install theme, widget, menu, background, and etc for your website. You can customize them according to your need.