How to Start an Anonymous Blog

how to start an anonymous blog

Having a blog means that you are ready to be known by other people you don’t know. You also have to face the consequence as the blog owner. But which one is you prefer? being a known blogger or invisible blogger? If you want to be an invisible blogger, you can learn how to start an anonymous blog in here. It will give you the easy steps in starting your anonymous blog for the first time. Check all the steps of how to start an anonymous blog below.

Choose a Platform

The first step you need to do about how to start an anonymous blog is by choosing a platform. As we already know, there are many free platforms that we can use in blogging. Choose the one which provides more convenience for your blog activities.

Prepare a Pseudonym

Choosing the invisible method of blogging may confused you to start your first anonymous blog. But it is actually not as difficult as it looks because we just need to hide our real name. If you want to have anonymous blog, you have to follow the second steps of how to start an anonymous blog by preparing a pseudonym or fake name for the hosting. It will be beneficial to hide your identity if you want to create a risky content which raises many comments.

Do not Reveal Your Real Identity for the Email

Beside preparing the pseudonym, you should follow the third step of how to start an anonymous blog by hiding your real identity for the email. Do not reveal your real information in making a email for your blog. Make identity as anonymous as possible so that there will be no people who recognize you.

Create Complicated Password

The last step of how to start an anonymous blog that you should do is creating a complicated password. If it is your habit to make one password for all platforms you have, you should leave it on your anonymous blog. Create a complicated password which not only consists of normal words and number. You can use other characters which are difficult to predict for more safety.