How to Make PBN Site Last a Long time

how to make PBN site

When you already learn about some basic information in Private Blog Network, you might want to know more about how to make PBN site. After you buy the domain in marketplaces such as Dynadot, GoDaddy, and Namecilo with different payment methods, you can continue to the next step which is how to make PBN site last a long time. You want your PBN site function well and long last,right? But it’s actually difficult to manage it by your own. If you want it easier, you can use guest post service or SEO company. Back to the way to make your site last a long time, there are some steps that you can follow through this article.

Before we discuss the steps of how to make PBN site last a long time, you should know how to make your money site looks good. No need to do anything complicated or coding because you can do it manually. It can be from the website’s design or the good quality and readable contents. These all effect to the number of visitors, build trust from the client as well as the Google. It’s very important to think about Google. It can detect you easily if you only publish one or two articles. It’s better for you to focus on specific and directed theme.

Observe Keyword with the Right Competition

The first step to make your money site works well is observe keyword with low competition. For those who are new in this PBN, you can choose keyword with low competition. When it shows good sign, you can add it later. You also can use keyword with high competition, is it strategic for you?. You can adjust it with your need. But for those who are at the first stage, it’s good to choose keyword with low competition so that you will not spend much money and time with wrong decision. You can use tool such as Google Planner to find keyword with some targeted search monthly.

Select the Right Hosting

After choosing the right keyword, you can continue to the next step of how to make PBN site last a long time. Hosting also plays an important role in placing our PBN. As it’s not cheap to buy hosting, again, you can adjust it with your need. Which purpose you want to reach? Is it for SEO hosting or others? After that, you should think of where does your hosting from? and how many hosting you need. Don’t make Google can detect you easily by buying different hosting based on the number of your domains. This is how to make PBN site last a long time.

Hire the Reliable Content Writers

When you already buy domain, hosting, and know how to build your money site, you can continue to the next step of how to make PBN site. It’s your time to make your PBN design looks good and fill blogs or websites with high quality contents. You can hire people manually or use trusted websites such as iWriter. After that direct them to write the articles properly which are readable, contain of images, and it’s much better if you write the articles continuously.  Just remember that your PBN is your treasure, if you can’t treat it well, Google will take control of it.

Use the Right Strategy for Anchor Text

The next step of how to make PBN site long lasting is use the right anchor text. It also does affect the continuity of your PBN. Don’t use anchor text which is same with your keyword. It’s better for you to make variation and create anchor text which still relates to the keyword. For example, if your keyword is “small online business”, you can create anchor text such as online business tips.

Choose the Suitable Content Management System

After publishing the articles including the backlink which directs to our money site, the last step you can do how to make PBN site long lasting is choose the suitable Content Management System or CMS. Actually there are some CMs you can use for your Private Blog Site such as WordPress. It’s your right to choose which CMS, but it’s good if you use variation of CMS.