How to Recognize a Private Blog Network Site

how to recognize a private blog network site

Seo industry develops from time to time in line with the imposition of many penalties. Private Blog Network is one of the issues which is still widely discussed by many people today. PBN itself is a collection of sites that connect to each other under the same network. Based on the purpose, it’s used privately to manipulate Google search engine as if your website is recommended. No wonder that there are many people who want to take this opportunity to get backlink. You might ever wondering how to recognize a Private Blog Network site. It becomes more complex when we talk about Google algorithm. We don’t even know the exact criteria that should be pay attention about. But you can look at some points below.

Plentiful Links in a Short Period

Plentiful links becomes the first point how to recognize a Private Blog Network site. Getting link is actually the purpose in maintaining a PBN. But it will be different when it comes to the amount of backlink. If the sites you found have plentiful links, you must suspect it. Especially if people get it in a short period. It will make an impression of un-natural link to the sites. As the result, the owner can’t avoid de-index.

The Same Hosting

The next point how to recognize a Private Blog Network site is from the hosting. Same as the amount of backlinks, you can look at the use of hosting. Commonly, people who do not really intend to make a quality PBN, don’t treat their PBN sites well. They use the same hosting for each site that make it becomes more suspicious.

Less Valuable Content

Even though it belongs to Grey Hat strategy, but treating your PBN like real site will keep you away from footprints. Guest post is the one of the examples. If you have a good PBN, you can utilize it for guest posting. That’s why knowing how to recognize a Private Blog Network site is very necessary. If there is no value of content as well as the linking activity, it could be a PBN. Besides, oftenly the sites that belong to PBN have few posts. It’s very different with money site that has more valuable content.

The Same Multimedia Content

Besides article, you can take a look at its multimedia content. As we know that multimedia contents like video and picture is difficult to create. That’s why if you find some sites that have the same multimedia content, you need to be careful.