How to Treat Private Blog Network Blog?

private blog network blog

Optimizing website with Private Blog Network must take into account the budget and time. It’s because when you ignore the PBN for too long will effect to the main website. So, it’s clear that treating a Private Blog Network is not as easy as when you apply White Hat strategy like guest post. But when you understand how to treat Private Blog Network Blog, you will get that benefit to get quality backlink. Although the Google algorithm suspects this, but the fact that many Seo practitioners prefer this way. Don’t only focus on how to create Private Blog Network only because you still have more homework to treat it.

Choose a Suitable Niche

There is actually no definite condition for the niche that you want to use. As long as you build it in the right way, you can rank the site smoothly. But there is still exception that you should be aware of “strange” website that contains of porn, gambling,and etc. It’s because this type of website is not good for your PBN. So, when you have a business purpose or affiliate, it’s better to avoid this type. Choosing a suitable niche becomes the first focus how to treat Private Blog Network blog.

Update to the Latest WP

Using different Content Management System or CMS to each blog you have is good. It’s because applying diversity could reduce footprint. However it’s your right to use which CMSs for your PBN. But make sure that they are appropriate. Then you can focus on how to treat Private Blog Network blog by update it to the latest. Commonly, people prefer WordPress more than the others to build PBN. It might be because of its convenience to use. Of course you can use it too for your blogs. But don’t forget to update it to avoid the impression of building a PBN.

Keep the Quality

If you already know about some criteria for good PBN, it means that you are ready to keep the quality of the PBN itself. Now it’s your time to focus on how to treat Private Blog Network from backlink side. As the webmaster, you should give natural backlink to your PBN. There are some types of backlink you can use. But for those who want to make their sites to be indexed faster, you can use social bookmarking or forum posting.

Create Original Articles and Post Them Regularly

The last step how to treat Private Blog Network blog is post original articles. Even though you also can use less quality of articles, but make sure that you apply originality and unique. It’s better for you to avoid spun content because irregular and even illegible content. Then post them regularly so that your PBN looks like a real site.