Is Seo Worth It or not to Apply?

For blog owners, it sounds funny if you don’t know what is Seo. As the…

is seo worth it

For blog owners, it sounds funny if you don’t know what is Seo. As the name implies, Search Engine Optimization involves various optimization keyword techniques that require research. You might ever wondering how can a website be in the first page of a search engine. There is a possibility that it utilizes Search Engine Optimization. Even it also can be optimized for Grey Hat tactic like Private Blog Network. As we know that PBN purposes to manipulate this process, but it works for Seo if you know the strategy. Do you still doubt so far about is Seo worth it? The answer actually depends on yourself. It’s because the Seo value is different from each need. But you can take a look at some points below to understand more about is Seo worth it or not.

What to Consider?

Back again to the main benefits of Seo which is to bring more visitors from search engine, it’s really useful especially for small business. The minimum of budget is not a problem anymore because you can utilize Seo. You might be familiar with the alternative way like Pay Per Click or PPC. There are some differences to conclude is Seo worth it or not. According to the time spending, using Seo requires a long process to see the result. Since Google wants quality websites to placed in the first page, it must be recommended by users or it can be called as backlink. But you will spend more time to reach this goal.

While if you use PPC, it will sound more sophisticated. It’s because you can get the result faster along with the pay per click process. But, in the other side, it also requires more money. Since it belongs to an advertising, it’s impossible to make your website appears in the search engine for free. The keywords you want to target might will vary in price.

Organic Result

According to what to consider in understanding is Seo worth it or not, there is the plus and minus. But the organic result from Seo could be more effective than the other alternatives. It seems like search engine organic sees that the organic one is more useful. Even though PPC can be a great way to get click for the visitor, but organic is better than PPC for small business. As the result, you can earn more value for your website such as through guest post.