Are Private Blog Networks Effective? Info

are private blog networks effective

It sounds great to build a large scale of backlinks from authority websites faster. As we know that backlink is very important for Google algorithm. It becomes a priority value that can push rank in the search engine. Along with the change of Google algorithm, it requires SEO specialists to analyze more which strategy can be used. You might ever heard about Private Blog Network or PBN. It’s a technique which suitable to use for backlink building. But there is still a lot of confusion related to are Private Blog Networks effective or not. In fact, PBN belongs to Grey Hat technique. That’s why you can’t conclude it’s worth building or not without evidences. However, you can look at some points below to decide are Private Blog Networks effective.

Things to Remember

Before focusing on the plus points, you need to remember that there are also the bad sides. Time and cost are the challenges in building a PBN. Even though some people argue that PBN is effective to get massive number of backlink, you can’t take it for granted. According to the time, you need to plan a time investment. There will be some process you need to keep in mind such as purchasing domains and choose them according to the criteria. For the cost, you need to think about renewal period and all the things in maintaining PBNs.

Plus Points

After that, you can focus on are Private Blog Networks effective from its plus points. Having full control is the first benefit you can get. How can’t it amazing to control all the process freely without interruption? For instance, when you find your site penalized manually, you can simply remove the links. Then, it comes to discuss about how powerful it’s to use PBN. Commonly, PBN is created from authority aged domain. It means that you can get quality and natural links. But besides these plus points, you also can look at how many sites do you need for a Private Blog Network.

Investing more on Quality

Besides the minus and plus points, you can decide are Private Blog Networks effective or not by applying strategy. Investing more on quality is very necessary. Even though it’s not a white hat strategy, but you can make your each site like a real site. You can invest more in quality content and applying diversity to avoid footprints. If you can do it, you can make your PBN effective such as for guest post.