Methods You can Try to get Backlinks


According to the advantages of backlinking in SEO, there are many people who are looking for backlinks. Although the process is different, but people need to apply strategic methods. If you don’t plan it well, there will be harder competition you face. The very beginning step you can do is knowledge yourself more about anything you need for backlinks. If you don’t know where to start, this article will help you with some methods to get backlinks.

Be a Valuable Resource

Before we focusing on how to get backlinks, we can take a look at the credible websites. You can learn how they can attract many people to visit their websites. But the most reason why people visiting the website is because it provides solution of the keyword they are looking for. If you want to get the same opportunity, you should be a valuable resource. Create more innovation contents which can’t be found in other websites. Besides, you also can develop your contents from other websites more.

Try Guest Post

The second method you can try to get backlinks is try guest post.  Contributing articles on relevant website is an investment. Although you need to wait more in getting the backlinks, but it gives results gradually. When you do guest posting, it means that you give a value to the website you want to join with. As the result, both of you and the website owner get the same opportunity in getting backlinks. She or he will allow you to put links to your site which is very helpful. But you need to remember that the competition is getting harder. It requires you to spend your time to provide the best contents you create.

Let People Know Your Website

The third method to get backlinks is let people know your website. It’s true that you need to reach out to those people with the same niche as yours. You can utilize your email for giving notification anytime you publish the new contents. But make sure that the content you share is answering people’ questions. If they see that your contents are helping, they will not hesitate to look at your website more.

Provide Attracting Infographic

The next method to get backlink you can try is provide attracting infographic. Besides giving the best content of article, you can also improve it by proving the attracting infographic. Start it by choosing  any topics which are needed by people in your niche. After knowing what you should read including the infographic, you can continue to elaborate your content and infographic. If they are interested, you will get natural backlink easily.

Build Private Blog Network

The last method you can try is managing Private Blog Network of PBN. If you don’t have much time to submit a guest post on other website, you can build Private Blog Network. But you should know that using PBN is not a white hat strategy. It requires you to manage your PBN carefully. You can apply some strategies such as selecting the main anchor text or keywords on websites with quality links. You can take a keyword research to get the maximum result for getting backlinks.