What to Learn from Backlinko Blog?

backlinko blog

Being a newbie to the world of SEO could be so tricky. It’s because there are bunch of things to wrap around your mind. Reading and learning more and more from the experts are the only way we can knowledge ourselves with. For those who don’t know where the best resource to learn anything in SEO, Backlinko Blog is the right place for you. It was founded by an internationally SEO expert, Brian Dean. You can find any solutions of the problems you face in doing your SEO business such as guest post. This blog is very different with the others which offer almost the same answers. It’s really a good option if you can follow any new updates through our email. Do you want to know what to learn more from Backlinko Blog? You can see all the information below.

Get Success from Failures

Before discussing more about what to learn from Backlinko Blog, you should know that Dean’s success was not easy to reach. Before he get recognized by the world of SEO, he ever failed on his first five online businesses. He struggled as an entrepreneur until then he quit his job in 2010. After that he started to work in SEO and do interviews with Growth Everywhere and Audienti as the intermediaries to get mores success.

Proven SEO Strategies

What’s next to learn from Backlinko Blog? You can take a look at the strategies it gives. Through this Backlinko Blog, Dean already have helped many marketers to grow their online business. He insanely publishes practical strategies and prove all of them.

Get Trust From Big Companies                                                      

According to its blog, Dean  states that most of “SEO Experts” advice people to create great contents. But you will not only get this kind of solution from Backlinko Blog. Brian will give you solution more than just creating great content. No wonder that some big companies like Disney, Apple, IBM, and Amazon trust this blog.

The Great Lessons

There are many great lessons you can learn from Bcklinko Blog. For those who want to reach their goals such as improving Page Rank in Search Engine or getting good quality backlink, following this blog is a good decision. You can apply some great lessons from Dean’s Backlinko Blog you have learned. But for the most important thing you should pay attention about is your business must be for a long term. It’s necessary for you to follow which trend suits your business.

In this SEO world, there are  some ways of strategies such as White Hat and Black Hat SEO. Although it’s dangerous, but Dean was also doing little bit black hat SEO. It’s actually according to which strategy you prefer more. For instance, if you want to use Private Blog Network or PBN to get high quality of backlink, you still can make it safety if you know the right way. But then Dean realized that he had to develop a better result using white hat SEO. That’s why if you want your business continues to the next level, your business must be oriented to the long term trends. For more advice or strategies, you can sign up to the blog and get the newsletter.