PBN: Network Linking to Money Site

network linking

As the complexity in creating a Private Blog Network, there will be some issues you need to face. Backlink becomes one of the concerns that often cause a controversy between what is right and wrong. But you surely can’t place the backlink anywhere for some reasons. That’s why knowing network linking to money site is necessary. It’s because there are some conditions that must be fulfilled so that the PBN you build is truly high quality. For those who just enter the Seo world, it seems like risky to make your own PBN.  It’s because if you don’t do it properly, the results will be less effective or even cause footprint. This will be difficult for you to optimize your site for some activities include guest post. But don’t worry, you can learn some points about Private Blog Network linking to money site below.

How many times You Can Link to Money Site?

The number of links might confused you in building a PBN. But the answer will be different from one to another. Some say that it’s fine to link to money site just once and some will say the opposite. However the more links you place on money site, the higher risk you get. If you are afraid with this issue, you can set a strategy for network linking to your money site. Using 1 PBN link for 1 money site which is related to your niche sounds better. You can build more links in same niche that will make your money site effective.

Places to include the Links

Then it comes to the next strategy of network linking to money site. Creating content for PBN is very necessary whether you write it by your own or hire content writer. Before knowing where places to include the link (s), the first step you should do is creating content without including any links. But at the same time, you need to keep on your mind where will you include the links. There are three types of link you need to know which are links to money site, links to internal pages or posts, and links to authority websites.

All of these need strategy to apply for network linking. For the money site, you already learn it in the previous point. There are still other aspects you need to think about which are internal pages or posts and links to authority websites. For the internal pages, You should include the internal backlinks to most of your PBN articles. While for the authority websites, you need 1 to 3 backlinks.

Be Aware of the Anchor Texts

For the next point of network linking, you need to be aware of the Anchor texts. In the past, you were able to rank by creating bunch of backlinks with targeted keyword. But it doesn’t really work anymore because Google prefers the keywords contained in the content on the page than anchor texts. That’s why when you are going to write article, you need to think about the keyword research. Repeating the same keyword will be less effective. It’s better for you to use synonyms.