How To Create A Simple Website That Attracts Visitors


There are several rules and functions of web design that must be considered by everyone who wants to create a web. Some of these rules are to create a website that has the basic purpose of having a navigation system that is easy to understand visitors, making the customer system easy and able to have a marketing function. All this work can actually be made simpler so you do not have to feel sick because of pirates. The web that looks simple can still have an optimal function so that all visitors will feel satisfied when it comes to your website. Below are a few steps to start making simple web tips but attract visitors.

Simple Color Scheme

You may be first pleased with the full-color web display. But it turns out the color game is not so by the. It is better to release the color used either for setting the color of writing or the color of the display screen. Using two or three colors is enough because your web page is easy and convenient to visit. Being in a lot of colors can cause unpleasant ones.

Determine The Most Important Elements For The Web

The definition of an element or the most important element for your web page. You can do it in a simple way in accordance with the purpose of making the web. Some very important factors in web content, reader comments, social media related to information, and some navigation to find data. All of these elements can be created with visual appearance or artwork you create yourself.

View Your Web Page

The availability of the required pages. Which is more convenient for the reader. A study says if in fact many visitors who only focus on the top page without seeing the contents of the bottom page. Therefore you can with more clear keywords. Then visitors can track what your web content from these instructions. This way will be in great demand by your web visitors.

Remove Any Unnecessary Elements

Then you also have to provide various elements that are not needed. If you have some of these elements then your web page might look very simple. But if you look again then this is profitable for your readers. They easily search for important contents of the page you create and most information. Even this step can save search time for readers. Some things you might be able to remove widgets as trimmers, some elements in the sidebar, meta details, date of writing, number of comments and links at the bottom of the posts.

Reduce The Number Of Pages Appropriately

Maybe you suspect if a lot of pages will make the website look complete and interesting. But further aggravating the website pages then it is better to implement a more compact navigation system. From this navigation then visitors can see what data you want to read. Then create a special link from page to the page related so that visitors are happy with the view of data in your web page.

Create a web page must be created with a variety of simple elements. Complementing the web with unnecessary widgets can make visitors feel uncomfortable. From now on consider doing tips on creating a simple web but attract visitors. Good luck