Some SEO Tricks Unknown to Many People

Seo we have a lot of developing and has been implemented people or blogger bloggers for a long time. Release, SEO tricks are also not less with SEO tricks are often done every day. Well, in our discussion this time, we will discuss a little about tricks SEO tricks are rarely known to people. With this language, we will know some SEO is no less in terms we can run it in our daily blogging activity. Immediately we see point by point;

Image SEO

Previously, did you know? Whether the image can also be used as an SEO object? Of course in the post or page postings of our site, there are images that we deliberately uploaded to decorate the website page or be a supporting content or clarify the content the language which is the big picture. And this cheap image can greatly damage the quality of your web page and if you are uploading grant properly.

 Responsive Templates

Smart search engines like Google or Yahoo or bing are widely used people who can sites where or sites that do not have them that are responsive and which ones to use. And they prefer websites that use responsive themes, because if there are users who access via mobile or devices other than desktop then it will not break broken or destroyed, trained with the size of the display.

Utilization of Webmaster Tool

Many bloggers are still not familiar with the webmaster tool or still many that have not been used. Release webmaster tools as provided by Google for useful bloggers. Here are the features crawl, ping and the like which is very helpful in the indexing process. Likewise, website tools can be used to schedule the progress and progress of sites owned.

Posting Schedule

Schedule post is one of the facilities provided two famous blogging platforms like Blogger and WordPress. However, there are still many who are not used in blogging activities. Release this feature is very useful. By utilizing this one feature, we can post in accordance with the schedule and will look regular in the activity posting or, you can read it.

Here are some really unknown SEO tricks people and you already know it. So make sure you also run it in your daily blogging activity. Or do you still need services to make you a science of SEO or other computer science related? You can look it up on halo service provider platform. There are many professionals ready to help you. Good luck.