Some Steps of How to Do Guest Posting

how to do guest posting

Knowing anything about what is needed before you submit a guest post is very important. It’s because when we do something, there will be a risk behind. Same as this guest posting, it’s your responsibility as the writer to minimize the risk such as link spam. That’s why you need to learn how to do guest posting properly. This is not merely to make yourself profitable but also the people who are in this circle of guest posting.  Let’s discuss about anything you need to follow about how to do guest posting below.

Looking for the Blogs with the Same Niche

In the very early step of how to do guest posting, you should make sure about the blog’s reputation. It’s because not all the blogs will give you profit in return. So, you should research the blog with the same niche you have by looking at the number of comments, shares, and the social following. Are they trustworthy or not to publish your articles. If they get good numbers of feedback from the readers, you can put the blogs on your list for guest posting. Besides, you also can search the blogs you want by searching it on Google. Type the keyword you want then add + write for us. For the example : “technology + write for us”.

Contact the Blogger and Point Out Your Idea for Guest Posting

After finding the right websites or blogs, you can continue to the next step of how to do guest posting by contacting the bloggers. At the time you are doing it, let them know about your idea for your guest posting. Strengthen your idea so that the bloggers will be attracted to you. They will contact you back later if they interested with you.

Follow the Guidelines of the Blog You’ve Found

Because it’s not your own blog, you should follow the guidelines of the blog you’ve found. Learn all of them carefully and don’t miss even one. Show them that you have ability as they ask for from the guidelines. Besides, it’s also good for you if you are be in touch with the bloggers. This building relationship is very useful for both you. It’s one of the strategies of how to do guest posting in Seo to follow.

Submit Your Article

The last step you should do after knowing the blog and the guidelines is submitting your articles to the blog owners. After that you just need to wait them for publishing your articles.