Tips Before You Submit a Guest Post

submit a guest post

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After understanding about what is guest posting in Seo, you should continue to the next step of how to submit a guest post. As the one who already jumps into this internet business, you already know right how precious the content is to attract many audiences. But we still need the right strategy to submit a guest post. Here are some tips you should follow when you are going to submit your writings.

Knowledge Yourself about What Topic You Should Write

As the main object in guest posting, we should prepare our topic well before submit a guest post. The quality of our content is the most influence on whether or not our article is accepted. That’s why you should prepare yourself by knowing what discussion could be useful for the readers. When you are looking for the blog to post your articles, there will be some criteria they give. There are topics that may allow to put on their blogs.  You should be ready for anything they might ask. There will be possibilities that require you to submit guest post + education, submit a guest post+health, or submit guest post + technology.

Give Solution to What the Readers Want

When you already knowledge yourself enough, you can develop your writing of the topic you have selected. It’s not only to submit a guest blog post but also how you make a contribution to the target you want to reach. Offer them solution which they can’t find in other blogs. You are as the marketer has responsibility to set a strategy which benefits for all sides.

Combine Your Writing with Your Personal Experience

Besides offering solution, you also need to make your writing becomes interesting to read. It’s a good idea if you combine it with your personal experience. Reading a serious topic is already tiring, don’t make your readers lazy to read all the pages you have wrote by combining it with your story. It can make them understand easier  especially if the topic is relatabe.

Don’t Forget About the Originality of Your Content

The last thing you should not forget about is the originality of your content. It’s better for you to check it before then get revised later after you submit a guest post. You can simply check your writing on the plagiarism checkers such as Copyscape. It will help you to find the part of your content which may already wrote by other people to avoid plagiarism.