Thoughts on PBN Links to Keep in Mind

pbn links

Some people might be afraid of managing a Private Blog Network. It’s reasonable because Google can punish it.But it’s not the case if you use the quality PBN. Even though it requires time, knowledge in the field of website design, and even experience, it will give effective result if you do it systematically. However this article doesn’t focus on how to build a Private Blog Network but some thoughts on PBN links. As it affects the SEO process, this could be beneficial to learn especially for those who just want to start.

Create several Blogs

Since it’s a Private Blog Network, you have to prepare several blogs purposes to transfer link juice for SEO. In using this PBN, you have a right to link whatever site you want to rank. Based on this advantage, you might be interested in building a PBN. But you also have to be careful in treating the PBN links. It’s all about balancing any aspects in PBN. If you done it in the right way, Link building can boost your website traffic.

Google Friendly PBN

Ruining your site  with bad quality links is a big no. What you should do for PBN is making  it Google friendly. It’s because will affect the PBN links itself. You should think of how to improve organic rankings. Try out any advanced backlinking tactics to optimize your effort in getting more traffic. After creating contents, you should focus on the number of backlinks that the contents should have. As we know that backlink also becomes a criteria to put your site to be in the higher rank in the search engine. There will be three important aspects which are money site links, authority links, and internal links. The numbers are actually depend on your need and preference.

Enhance Search Engine Optimization

The next though to keep in mind about PBN links is it enhances Search Engine Optimization. This point is about the other advantages besides getting web traffic. If you don’t know, link building will also increase Search Engine Optimization or SEO as well as the domain authority. However, it’s probably one of the hardest way because it requires more time. But it truly gives result to be indexed by search engine.

Quality Matters more than Quantity

Then what else should you keep in mind about PBN links? Quality matters more than quantity. You should know that it’s the basic rules of backlink. Remain yourself that the only way can save you is applying link building systematically. Hastily make a decision to include many links will put you in danger. It’s because considered as spammy links that will leave footprint. This is very important to keep in your mind. Invest more on your PBN now and harvest later on. There will be some opportunities come when you are managing a health PBN like offering guest post service.