Tips To Make Optimal Website Opened With Smartphone

Open the website is still slow then can try tips to make optimal website opened with a smartphone. Actually, this is not just a website designer’s job but also smartphone users themselves. Especially if you have an e-commerce business that often opened with the website. So it is very important to increase page loading speed of website in a smartphone. Initially, the science to study this is a still considered difficult. But now there are some tools that can support this function. Here are tips that you can run from now on.

Use The Meta Viewport Tag

Meta viewport tag is one way to widen one side and a more balanced scale for each page of the website. This will make the visitor can adjust the zoom size of each page. When first used it can try to max size. Then the zoom page feature can also be disabled. This fits perfectly with a website page with responsive design. But this can also be used for websites with regular design or not very responsive.

Media Queries

Every page of the site opened on the smartphone will stop at a certain point. Visitors can arrange their own as needed. Actually, this is one trick that can be done for sites with smaller viewport or indeed on smaller smartphones. Then another advantage of this tool is that it can help determine the width of the site page as per the convenience of the phone and also the pixel density of the smartphone.

Use Modernizr

This is one of the javascript facilities that can be used for all types of browser features. Usually, every smartphone has a different browser. And sometimes users do not always use the same browser. Then when creating website design you might just use css3 or html5. As a result, your design cannot be opened for some types of smartphones. So this is a very important tool for doing checks including when wanting to view website pages become more extensive or in one whole page.

Enter Touchswipe

This is one type of plugin from jquery that can be used for touch technology on phones and tablets. This can make some functions including for zoom, manual scroll, tap, slide and expand. This device is very interesting because the user will not depend on the keyboard on the smartphone. And it turns out this page becomes more interesting because it has some very sophisticated features.

So that’s some devices that can be used to make the smartphone can work faster when opening a web page. Sometimes you may also need a longer time. But what if every website page can not open at all or just show the dark screen. It might be your problem. For that you can use the service of mobile phone service hello from a very professional.