Tips to Use Private Blog Network 2019

private blog network 2019

The use of Private Blog Network provides full control over the backlink profile, anchor text, and link to the main site. But in other hand, it requires enough money and of course time. Not only that, you also have to deal with the ultimate risk of being de-indexed by the search engine. It’s reasonable because using PBN means you against the guideline. So, do you still want to use it in 2019? it’s your time to learn more about Private Blog Network 2019. Even though it’s not a White Hat Seo like guest post, but you can get a benefit when you treat it properly.

Choose Good Themes and Images

Avoiding the impression of building a PBN becomes your focus now. Why is that so? For those who have cultivated the world of link building, you might be aware of this. Creating a real site look is very necessary to avoid footprint. It’s the first step you should do for Private Blog Network 2019. Although it’s not a new trick, but you still need to apply it. You can choose good themes to each site you have as well as the images.

Using Unique Name Server

Share the same name server is not a good idea. Even when you make a unique IP address, you can’t avoid footprint if you apply it for the name server. If you don’t know yet, name server is a name of web server used to direct the domain to a particular server. Therefore, make sure that you use the appropriate name servers so that the domain and website can be directed properly. This becomes a solution for Private Blog Network 2019. It’s better when you can minimize too high percentage of the same name server.

Unique C-class IP address

What else can be a good way to treat your Private Blog Network 2019 is use unique C-class IP addresses. Risk of being de-indexed by the search engine could be also from the IP address class. There are actually two main functions of Internet Protocol Address which are identifying hosts or interfaces on a network and becomes a network location address. Then for the class, commonly there are t classes, namely A, B, C, D and E. In detail, Class A is used by small networks with few members then B and C are respectively. While for D and E are the IP addresses for experimental purposes. However some of people said that it’s good for you to create C-class IP address.

Buy Hosting from Reputable Providers

Last but not least, hosting also important to build a good Private Blog Network 2019. You might be really confused to buy a hosting because of its high cost. But if you want to invest on your PBN, spending your time on quality hosting is worthwhile. There are some brand hosting companies such as Hostgator and Bluehost.