What is a Good Trust Flow Score?

what is a good trust flow score

In the past, you might be familiar with the use of PageRank for analyzing your own site or competitor’s. But do you know that it’s  no longer exist now? It seems like Google doesn’t make any updates for its PageRank. Fortunately, there  are still third party that considered close to Google’s PageRank . Trust Flow is one of some metrics to assess the quality of a site. If you are a webmaster, you really need to know about what is a good Trust Flow score. You don’t want to be stuck in thinking about the quality of your website, do you? That’s why you can read some important points below.

What is the Actual Score Range for TF?

A number that predicts how trustworthy or not a page is called as Trust Flow. But according to Majestic, the score is between 0 and 100. You might be wondering what’s the determinant right now. As the name implies, TF gets quality backlinks only from trusted sites. This means that if there is an authority site providing you a backlink, you will get your TF score better. It’s the first point what is a good Trust Flow  score.

Is It Important for Seo?

As we know that there are some types of technique used in Seo. It can be white hat like guest post or grey hat like Private Blog Network or PBN. Whatever you use, checking the quality of your site is necessary. So, when you ask about is Trust Flow important for Seo? the answer is Yes. It’s because when you are building a good site, there will be good backlinks come. As the result, you can get insight more on your pages. It does affect Seo because your site will be in the first page of search engine. Not only that, it also affects the quality of your contents. The more you get trust from the readers or viewers, it’s necessary to develop your writing skill. This is the second point of what is a good Trust Flow score.

How to Boost Your Trust Flow?

The TF score will actually go up as you work how to boost your TF itself. Then what you should do right now is contribute more for Trust Flow. It’s not about quantity but more on quality. You must be smart in discovering the ways to  get more quality backlink. Guest post could be a good idea to build authoritative backlinks. When you have an opportunity for this, you can check the TF of the site you contribute at. This will make you easier to connect with other influencers.