Alternative beside Private Network Blog

private network blog

Belongs to the Grey Hat technique, Private Network Blog is actually safe if you do it right. But you must be deal with Google de-indexed when you can’t follow the guidelines. Because of irresponsible people who build not natural links, PBN got bad image in the eyes of Google. Then, does this mean people have stopped building Private Network Blog? The answer is NO!, Many Seo specialists still use this technique until now for optimization. But for newbies or beginners, you might be afraid to start. You can learn about the power of Private Blog Network. However if you want to increase ranking in better way, there are several ways that have lower risk below.

Try Guest Post

Guest post or guest blog becomes the first alternative besides Private Network Blog. It gives you an opportunity to add more value while you are getting backlinks. There will be a collaboration between you as the content provider and the web owner. Of course it’s very profitable to get backlinks through the content you write. If you don’t know yet, backlink is one of the factors to rank search results. So this method is indeed beneficial for both parties. The web owner itself gets free content and you get backlink from the website. You just simply find the websites or blogs that accept guest posting. When they accept your request, you can start to write valuable articles as well as including a backlink to your site.

Use Social Media

Even though social media is not directly related to the search engines, but this has a major contribution in disseminating content from your website. Social media is the most used sharing medium these days. You don’t need to build Private Network Blog anymore which spends much money and time. By using social media like Facebook, you can make people curious about your site. Then the more popular you are, the higher your domain authority will increase.