Basics of What is Private Blog Network?

what is private blog network?

Trust and power are two important things that can describe what is Private Blog Network? Yeah it’s right that PBN becomes a powerful way for those who are looking for good or even perfect backlink. but we cannot be hypocritical about this since PBN belongs to Grey Hat technique unlike the White Hat guest post. You might still questioning about its security until know. However it offers efficient way and total control to boost your or client sites.

Knowing What Niches are Good for Private Blog Network

Want some more information in making yourself sure? You can learn about the reasons to have PBN. But it’s still not enough because you have to know where to start. Niche could be something that makes you confused. In understanding what is Private Blog Network, anyone should know what niches are good for PBN. There are several suggested niches to try like personal blog and education blog. But if you have lots and variety of niches, this is also good. It will be more profitable if you own a Seo business.

Link Strategy

The second point of what is Private Blog Network? will be about link strategy. If you don’t know yet, backlink is one of factors that determine page rank of your website in search engine. In detail, if the PBN you make has backlinks from authority sites, get link juice directly from the site authority itself. In placing links, you should know how to avoid penalty. There are some links which is not recommended like paid link, using tools to manipulate, and do low quality guest post.

What Goals You Want to Achieve

Then you can focus on what goals you want to achieve. Do you want to get faster result with less quality or longer process with maximum result? It’s 100% your right to decide. But it’s better for you to set a long term. Don’t be interested only with shortcut that can lead you to footprint.