Understanding Private Blog Network Footprint

There will be always choices to get maximum result in Seo. Guest post and Private Blog Network are the examples. But the grey hat one PBN becomes popular lately. For those who are still afraid to build a PBN, you might looking for a solution how to avoid Private Blog Network footprint. Yeah it’s very necessary to do because building PBN sites carelessly will make your site be de-indexed. Of course it will not pass the link juice to your money site. As we know that getting backlink is our main focus. Surely having footprints is dangerous for the continuity of your website. According to this issue, understanding Private Blog Network footprint must be done immediately. So keep in mind about two different detection below.

Based on Human Detection

The first focus is about human detection. If we write the list, there will be quite lot of aspects. But this point will explain the basics  of Private Blog Network footprint from easy to difficult. Anything visually include themes is necessary to set on your PBNs. If you don’t maintain uniqueness, it’s very risky. This is the easy one that can be detected by human. Ensure that you make it diversify for every site you have. It’s the same as patterns in domain names that you should do the same. While for more difficult, it’s about some aspects like content quality, IP address, CMS footprints.

Based on Algorithm

Then the second point in understanding Private Blog Network footprint is based on algorithm. There are some patterns to understand. It’s actually not far different from human detection like IP address, understand. It’s actually not far different from human detection like IP address and CMS. But it will be more complex and of course we can’t detect it easily. Search engine like Google must have some criteria for the penalty. To open your mind you can look at some aspects such as WHOIS data, the numbers of redirects or 404, and HTML analysis. If you apply the same patterns, this can be a threat.