Best Network to Enhance SEO

best network

In this modern era, be active on social media becomes a habitual activity without age restrictions. There are many people who spend most of their time on social media. From just for fun until more acceptable reason such as for business. No wonder if nowadays you can see that many people use social network to increase their business. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the examples which utilize the social network. It’s because  there are some benefits to get such as backlink and brand authority. But you should know which best network can enhance your SEO performance. As it relates to the search engine, but you are not only optimize performance through popular search engine like Google and Bing. There is another way that you can apply which is using best network below.


The first best network which supports SEO is Quora. But before we discuss about why should we choose Quora, we can take a look at how does social network work. In using this platform, we need to show our existence through “skill”. It means that you should contribute something valuable to this best network Quora. You may already familiar with this Quora. Yeah it’s a question and answer media that is used by many people around the world. You can suggest or give solution to the issues relate to SEO including how to get traffic, backlinks or even the more complex discussion like Private Block Network or PBN.


Who doesn’t know Linkedin? This more professional platform also can help you to improve SEO performance. In the business world, it’s already used by 53% of business-to-business companies. They utilize Linkedin to look for their clients. Besides, it’s already proven that those who engage with the same needs have more change to make a purchase.


Youtube becomes the third best network to use. For those who don’t know how to utilize this platform to improve your brand, you should start it by creating content or video. You can take a look at famous Youtube account which optimize their brand through Youtube videos. If you are newbies, you may don’t realize the power of Youtube. But it truly boosts certain keyword in search engine. You should create high quality Youtube contents. The more viewers you get, the more also chance to make your business improved.


The fourth best network to use is Pinterest. When you are searching for certain keywords, you may have been directed to Pinterest. There are many sources in the form of attractive visual. You can find famous brands through this platform and learn how they attract their customers. Set a strategy to include your website’s link and lead people to visit. As the effect, you will increase the traffic.


Tumblr is the fifth best network with interesting look. Although some of people argue that it’s not that friendly user, but you should agree that this platform has more complete types of content. There are photo posts, video, chat, audio, and quote posts. Create your best content and attract more viewers to get your name out. There is also re-blogging that is very beneficial to share your brand more and faster.


Instagram is the next platform with visual contents. You also can utilize this to make your brand name out. As we know that there are already many people who use endorsement to get more buyers on products. Whatever your business is, you can maximize it through Instagram. You also can include your website’s link on bio so that people can lead to your website.


You also can optimize your SEO performance through Twitter. It’s the biggest place for people to look for news. You can easily share anything including your website’s link. Besides, for those who want to try guest post, you can build your authority through this platform. From the link you post, it will direct people to visit your website and of course get traffic.


Even though Facebook is not as popular as these days, but there are still many people who prefer it more. You also can direct people to your website easily through this platform. But you should build your brand quality first. It’s because people will visit website according to the product or brand they are looking for.