Characteristics of Good Seo Backlinks

If you are a first-time learner of Private Blog Network, you might be confused with…

seo backlinks

If you are a first-time learner of Private Blog Network, you might be confused with backlinks. Since it needs the right strategy, it’s common if you find difficulties. But don’t worry because there are some characteristics of good Seo backlinks to know. This article will help you to note which links are effective in increasing web page rank. Just remember that in building a PBN requires good quality backlink. You should invest more in it so that you can avoid Google penalty.

Backlink from Website with High DA/PA

In order to make your PBN optimal, you probably interested to use backlink service. Yeah, there is no harm to try it. But you should be really selective because not everything offered is safe. Then the first thing you need to check is the DA/PA score. Usually a good website has a contextual link inside. You should know that this type of backlinks becomes preferable by Google. You can get it from guest post, Private Blog Network, or other informative articles.

Low Outbound Link

The next characteristic of good Seo backlinks you should know is it has low outbound link or OBL. As the name implies, this type of backlink comes from articles with less outbound links. Remember that having too much outbound links will decrease its naturalness. That’s why getting low outbound link will be safe in ranking web page.

One Way Link

one way link becomes the third characteristic of good Seo backlinks you should note. It seems so simple compared to 2 ways backlinks because it only leads to one blog. Same as previous type of backlinks, this  one way link also provide powerful impact to your money site.

Do Follow Type

The last high quality backlink type you should choose is do follow. There are actually two types of backlinks which are do follow and no follow. But in order to increase website rank easily, you should choose do follow. It’s because safe and appropriate with criteria backlink from Google. While if you choose no follow, there will be no impact on your website.