Reasons to Try Public Blogging

Telling people about what you like or give response to what’s happening lately through contents…

public blogging

Telling people about what you like or give response to what’s happening lately through contents sounds amazing. Yeah, blogging becomes an opportunity for those who have interest in writing. There is truly no limitation for anyone to do public blogging. It’s very different with when you own a Private Blog Network or PBN which requires private identity. In public blogging, you can’t hide your real identity. So, you don’t need to be afraid in developing yourself. It’s because there are some reasons why you should try public blogging below.

As a Medium for Personal Branding

Everyone knows that building personal branding is essential. It’s all about how we “sell” ourselves to others. Whichever skill or plus value you have, you can surely do through public blogging. Since it’s very easy for people to communicate or keep in touch with others online, you should try it. This what determines how you will be known. If you provide a good image, automatically you will also get good feedback.

Exhibition Gallery

Besides as a media for personal branding, you also can try public blogging for exhibition gallery. It’s true that this activity is very suitable for those who focus on design or photography. If you are in this field, you need to think how to make your blog useful. It’s the same when you have passion or skill in writing. Don’t just satisfied with free blog or domain. You should develop it by improving its appearance.

It Can be Your Extra Income!

After knowing the previous reasons of why you should try public blogging, what’s on your mind should be about income. This activity is not only good for those who want to be an influencer but also for business. In this digital era, anything can be done through internet. Did you ever hear about guest post? It’s an activity of publishing articles on someone else’s blog. Blogging definitely can help grow your online audiences. If you familiar with Search Engine Optimization or SEO, you can apply it on your blog. You will have to deal with how to get quality backlink.