Home Security Private Blog Network

home security private blog network

As the backlink source, you should not treat Private Blog Network carelessly. It because belongs to Grey Hat tactic which needs more attention. If you want to have a PBN, you should know how to make your PBN like the other conventional site. De-index is one of the concerns you need to be careful with. There are many Seo specialists which manage their PBN include the home security with different strategy. You might already heard about domain or hosting. But this article focuses on home security Private Blog Network. It’s also as important as you choose the suitable domain with good quality of DA or PA. Some of you might be miss the strategy for home security. Even though this is very important to avoid footprint. You can follow some tips related to home security Private Blog Network below.

Use Different Themes

The number one of tips you should do is use different themes. As the definition of PBN is a collection of blogs, you need to apply different themes to all of them. Diversity is something you need to emphasize in building a PBN. Don’t make an impression of a PBN. Make it diverse means that it will avoid footprint.

The Proper Design

Still related to the themes, you can redesign your PBN to be liked by Google. If others use a wrong way  only to use PBN as dummy blog, you should not follow it. Make it as unique as possible or better if it looks similar to your money site. There will be some elements you need to pay attention about such as s header, logo, and widget. Don’t forget also about the additional information like Contact, Term of Use, and Privacy Policy in the footer.

Regular Content Supply

What’s next can affect the home security Private Blog Network and backlink quality? The answer is content. Who doesn’t know the role of content for a site?It always needs good quality content which is unique and readable. But not only that, you should also be active in creating articles regularly. To make it optimal, you can put link to another related content. Regular content supply is needed for every Private Blog Network. It’s better for you to avoid spun or copying 100% content from other people.

Original and High Quality Image

The next step of home security Private Blog Network is use original and high quality image. It’s actually not difficult to find any images related our contents. But in building credibility, providing original and high quality image are always better. In involving your audience, giving low quality or resolution of image will get a different response. As we discuss before, you need to make your PBN similar to your money site. When you can apply it, you will get more benefit that you can use such as for guest post.