How to Build a Private Blog Network Using Deleted Domains

how to build a private blog network using deleted domains

Domain is the most important element which supports the continuity of your Private Blog Network. Before you are going to manage a PBN, it requires you to look for the right domain. There are some domain types that you can choose. You might already heard about the most common used expired domain. Yeah it becomes an effective type of domain for PBN. But you should also now that there are other domains like deleted domain. You can learn how to build a Private Blog Network using deleted domains in here. For those who want to own a PBN with low budget, this type of domain is suitable for you. There are some information about deleted domain below. You can compare it by yourself with the expired domain to decide which one is preferable.

What is Deleted Domain?

Since your purpose is knowing how to build a Private Blog Network using deleted domains, you should understand what is it. There are already many advantages in using PBN like for guest post. But how about the domain you choose? Different with expired domain which already owned by the owner, you don’t need to wait longer to get a deleted domain. It’s because you can immediately register it again. In the short explanation, it’s already available and you just simply re-register it. Besides, deleted domain is suitable for those with low budget. It’s because the same as when you buy a new domain. You will also become more flexible to choose because the domain name is plentiful.

Be Careful to Choose Deleted Domain

The second point how to build a Private Blog Network using deleted domains is be careful to choose. When you go to marketplace, you need to look at the backlink, metric, and history. But not all the deleted domains have these criteria. That’s why it needs more effort to find the right one. You also need to be careful with its how long the domain dropped. It’s better to choose one which is not dropped more than twice for better Seo.