how to build PBN site

No need to underestimate the use of Private Blog Network anymore because it gives faster result when you do it properly. Although it’s not easy to get the PBN sites, but this powerful backlink technique will lead you to the first page rank which is useful for guest post service. Besides, you also get the simplicity to control every outbound link to your money site. It is not wrong if you want to use Private Blog Network as long as you do it safely. If you are interested in knowing how to build PBN site, you can look at some steps below. It will inform about some things to do.

Looking for the Expired Domain

The very first step you should do of how to build PBN site is looking for the expired domain. It’s not easy to find the suitable expired domain because you must analyze any types of them. There are pre-release, closeout, and offer domain. Besides, there are also pending delete and delete domain. You can find these all through the tools. But if you want to look for the expired domain, you can go to marketplaces such as,, or They have their own payment methods. If you use Dynadot, it requires you to pay it via Paypal. Then for GoDaddy, you must use credit card and for Namecilo, you must give fund in front using virtual credit card.

Domain Criteria for PBN

The second step you should do of how to build PBN site is about the domain criteria for PBN. When you are looking for expire domain, you should make it easier to get by using criteria. When you are already at the marketplace, you must be confused with the bunch of choices. You can make it simpler by filtering the domain which is expired domain. After that, you can buy it by doing the payment according to the requirements from the marketplace you choose.

Setting Up and Managing PBN

The third step you should do of how to build PBN site is setting up and managing the Private Blog Network you’ve bought. There are some steps you should follow carefully to build PBN Site. Firstly, you must register your domain. It’s good for you to use different register name for every domain. Secondly, choose hosting according to the price and the Contact Support which gives service 24 hours. It will help you to solve any problems anytime. After that, setting the name server of both domain and hosting then install the WordPress. When you finish those settings, you can Install the basic PBN plugin such as 404 to Start, All in One SEO, and Drafts Sceduler. After that install theme including publish articles. Don’t forget to put your contact on the pages.