How to Find Expired Domain for PBN

how to find expired domain for PBN

Using expired domain for PBN is a good choice for you. It’s because you can get the new authority site. Imagine that you buy expired domain with good profile which already has targeted traffic and the same price. It sounds so interesting, isn’t it? That’s why there is no harm if you use expired domain. You can learn how to find expired domain for PBN. But you should make sure that the expired domain has a clean link profile and free from spam. So, let’s discuss about how to find expired domain for PBN below.

Looking for the Expired Domain List

Whether you already know it or not, there are bunch of tools and method how to find expired domain for PBN. But at the beginning before you find the right expired domains, it’s better for you to look for the expired domain list. There are some websites you can visit such as,,, and many more. All of these have their own plus and minus. But if you want to choose the most popular and gives complete database list of the expired domain, you can go to ExpiredDomains.netor If you are newbie r want to try only, it’s better for you to use, while for those who own SEO business, it’s better to choose There are also software that you can utilize how to find expired domains for PBN which are Scrapebox and Domain Hunter Gatherer.

Pay Attention About Some Aspects

After you find the right place how to find expired domain for PBN, you can continue to other step. You should pay attention about some aspects. It requires you to analyze the metric which is useful to know do the expired domains you found worthy enough or not to be the money site or PBN. Although the metric are actually different for some people. But you can apply it through some aspects below.

Domain Authority and Page Authority

The first discussion will be start from the DA/PA. Some people say that the higher DA/PA, the more also quality of the expired domain. But it’s actually not the exact answer. The minimum score of DA/PA is different for SEO experts which offer service like guest post.You can utilize a tool named Moz Open Site Explorer.

Trust Flow and Citation Flow

From the TF site, it’s influenced by the authority of websites which provide backlink. Then from the CF, it’s influenced by the number of mentions received without backlink or doesn’t led to the domain itself. But it’s not always high score will be good because there are some aspects to look at. Did it use for spamming or the other reasons.

Looking at the Index

When you want to know about the aged domain, you should check it through the index. Does it indexed by Google or not. You can type this word on Google “site: (the domain name).com”. It’s very important to look at because you can see the quality of the domain including the language.

The Age of Domain

Looking at the age of domain also teh next step how to find expired domain for PBN. For the types of expired domains, it’s good to choose domains which at least 1 year or 2 year is better. You can get it from or

Checking the Backlink

The next step of how to find expired domain for PBN is checking the backlink. This is the crucial point which is is useful to know the performance of the expired domain in the future, whether it’s for money site or PBN.