Private Blog Network becomes a controversial technique which brings pros and cons. But this Grey Hat Seo does work even work better than you think. Investing on White Hat Seo like guest post is good. But there is no harm to build  PBNs. This could be a good prospect when you know to do it right. Then building an effective Private Blog Network is your focus now. There are already bunch of guidelines how to build a PBN, you can see one of them here. With all the efforts include planning enough budget, it will not betray you. There are some advice how to invest on PBNs below to follow.

Buy High Quality Expired Domain

To linger value and links, domain becomes the first aspect you need to think about. You may confused about which type of domain to buy. It’s very common especially when you do it for the first time. Expired domain can be a good choice for those who want to build PBNs. It’s because this kind of domain never been used in spam. That’s why looking at its history is very necessary. We know that using domain that already de-indexed before is not good.

Re Check the Content Variation

After the domain, what you should invest on PBNs is the content. Making all parts of PBN to be like real site is such as an investment. It means that you have to create contents that look natural. Besides that, vary them also needed to avoid footprint. You actually can get contents from spin, but how about the risk? Of course it’s more risky than when you are create them naturally. Duplication is a big no for the contents. The solution for this issue is make each site different.

Replace It instead of Recovery

The third aspect to invest on PBNs becomes more complex. It’s not anymore about the positive side but also the another side. Whether you are managing or just want to start, replacing the site that already destroyed is better than recovery. It’s because  can be traced back to your PBN site and get damaged again. If you find this problem later, you can be more  steady.

Pay Attention to the Number of Links to Money Sites

The next way to avoid detection is pay attention to the number of links to money sites. It’s also the same when you are treating the contents. The number of links actually affect its quality. Too many links that lead to your money site could be dangerous. If you want to get more effective result, you can build more than a Private Blog Network.