How to Point Out a Fake Blog Private Blog Network?

point out a fake blog private blog network

Perform an optimization using Private Blog Network could be a good idea. It doesn’t matter if you want to try this Grey Hat tactic. You might already applied some White Hat Seo tactics include guest post but still don’t get a maximum result. But you also have to be careful about anything related to PBN. Point out a fake blog Private Blog Network is one of the examples. It’s very beneficial for you to know in avoiding low quality PBN. There are some possibilities to reveal a blog that belongs to a fake one through some aspects below.

Lots of Unnatural Contents

When we talk about fake blog, it doesn’t mean that the blog is entirely fake. It can be left by the blog owner that make it not maintained. There is actually not exact answer about this issue. But at lease you can suspect it. Then the first step how to find out a fake blog Private Blog Network is from its contents. The number of contents is still not enough to make a quality PBN. You still keep in your mind where do all the contents come from?is it written naturally or using robot? That’s why when you find a blog that has 20 or more unnatural posts, it might belongs to a fake Private Blog Network.

There is no Detail Information about the Blog Itself

Looking at the detail information of the blog itself becomes the next step how to point out a fake blog Private Blog Network. Profile page is the most important when you are going to build a Private Blog Network. How could you get a quality backlink if your blog has no quality? That’s why for those who try to make a fake blog, they don’t include the profile page which tells about what kind of blog it’s. Besides, pay attention also to the contact information. If you can’t find it, then the information can be doubted.

Check the Ownership with Whois

Still related to the previous step how to point out a fake blog Private Blog Network, you can check the ownership with Whois. It’s beneficial to obtain certain domain information include domain name, domain age, IP address, and name server. For those who want to check out the ownership of domain, this can be done easier. You can go to or whois.domaintools.