How to Make a Private Blog Guidance

how to make a private blog

Even though blog already shows its great advantages for Seo, but some of people might be want to make their blog private. Keep the information hidden is the best way for those who want privacy. If you are looking for this way, you can try it on WordPress. There are actually many blog creation sites to choose. But the common blog used is this WordPress. Besides easier to use, it also can be utilize more like PBN. It’s already proved for getting backlink or other activities  like guest post. But your purpose is to make your blog private. You can learn about how to make a Private Blog on WordPress. It will give you a guidance to get security for your blog. Don’t need to worry anymore to share about your feeling or photo to your chosen friends and family.

Check out the Private Site

Before going to the first step how to make a private blog on WordPress, you need to prepare My Private Site plugin. This what makes your blog to keeps hidden. After that, you can go to WordPress dashboard, click plugins, and install the My Private Site plugin. Then go to setting and check out the Private Site by clicking the box.

Deciding Self Registration

Self Registration is the second step how to make a private blog on WordPress. You will find two options which are Membership and Reveal Registration Page. If you select the membership, it means that anyone can register on your blog. While if you want to make it specify only for family or group, you don’t need to choose it. Then the second option is Reveal Registration Page. It also works the same as the membership before. But for faster, you just simply un-checked it because your purpose is to hide the user registration.

Determine Where Visitors Can View Your Blog

The third step how to make a private blog on WordPress is determine where visitors can view your blog. Go to the Landing Location and you will find some options include Specific URL. In this area, you can decide which area that allows people to see on your blog. Besides, you also can add priority for the landing page so that you can direct people to the page you want through specific URL.

Adding  URL for Login

The fourth step how to make a private blog is adding the URL for login. Same as the previous step, it works the same that you need to add URL for login. As the result, you can direct people who want to try to open your site through wp-admin to the URL you want.

Make Specific Blog Elements to be Visible

For those who want to allow people to see your specific page, you can do it too. Make your home blog to be visible or by using URL. But there will be paid access according to the reasons why you set up your blog private. This is the next step that you can try.

Be Careful with Advance Setting

The last step to make your blog private is be careful with advance  Setting. When you go to Advance Setting, you will find a checkbox that allows landing location. But it’s not a good idea to try because it will bring you to the risk. So, it’s better for you to not mark it.