PBN or Private Blog Network Tips

After learning basic information about what is Private Blog Network, you may be interesting to use this PBN. Although it needs more effort but it gives real profit when you do it right. This article will give you some tips about what you should do before using PBN or Private Blog Network. Make sure that you apply them correctly before you start to use PBN or Private Blog Network.

Knowing How Many PBN Links You Need?

There is actually no absolute answer when we talk about how many PBN links you need. It depends on how competitive your niche is. Whether how many domain authority that your money site has or the good SEO On Page you have, it can’t be answered with certainty. But sources said that you need at least 10 links PBN for a medium competition work to rank easily.

Preparing the Cost to Spend

The next idea you should follow is preparing the cost to spend. Because of the exclusivity including the risk, using PBN or Private Blog Network or services from the guest post company requires much money. There are three focuses you should pay attention about which are the domain cost, the hosting cost, and the content cost. Because you need high quality backlink, of course it’s a must to spend much money. You can adjust these cost requirements with your need.

Knowing How to Structure Your Network

When we talk about network structure, you need to choose which one is suitable for your PBN. Do you prefer single money site, multiple money sites with the same niche , or multiple money sites in the multiple niche?. Choose one of them which represent yourself. But if you are still new in guest post, you can use the single or multiple money sites in the same niche. It gives simple way which is make your PBN domains on the same network and be independent of each other.

Knowing How to Start Linking to the Money Site

If you are not sure when to start linking to the money site, you can take a look at the links you get from the other such as outreach or guest post. If you got no links yet, it means that you don’t want to send PBN links to this site. These links are the best links to get for your money sites. That’s why it’s good for you plan a right strategy. It’s your control to handle anchor text and link equity that the PBN link passes.