Private Blog Network Penalty to be Careful of

Since Google likes to be found organically, it will pay attention to the content relevancy…

private blog network penalty

Since Google likes to be found organically, it will pay attention to the content relevancy as well as spam free. Therefore, if you do not comply with these criteria, you must be vigilant in the future. PBN becomes an example that manipulates link building strategy against Google guidelines. For those who want to build a PBN, you should understand Private Blog Network penalty. There will be variations on how Google will penalize you. You might be already applied white hat Seo like guest post and get no result yet. Even though it’s not completely useless, but owning Private Blog Network could turn into a problem when you can’t maintain it well.

Know the Downsides First

Before discussing about Private Blog Network penalty, we need to know the downsides first. Invest lots of money and spend more time become two aspects that you need to think about. It doesn’t easy for beginners to handle PBN especially those who want a quick result. You will need to create contents on a regular basis. The recommended number of words is also pretty much around 500- 1000. It means that if you have many microsites providing backlinks, you will spend more time too. According to this case, hiring content writers would be a good idea. But you will spend more money on this.

Manual Penalties

Now it’s time to talk about Private Blog Network penalty. The first type you should know is manual penalties. If someone from Google suspects you’re using a private blog network to build links, it could issue a manual penalty. There will be a warning from Google through your Google Search Console account. As the consequence, you have to remove microsites and change the strategies that require more funds.

Algorithmic Penalties

This next Private Blog Network penalty is more difficult and severe than the previous one. It’s because you will experience a sharp downgrade without any warnings. If you are wondering how does it work, these algorithmic penalties happen when Google recognizes the red flag algorithm. As the result, your entire site will be removed from Google index. It sounds horrific, isn’t it?