Private Websites for Stunning Design

private websites

We are in the era where we can own our private websites easily. It’s simpler that we can also share anything we write all over the world. This truly becomes a great place for those who want to build personal branding, promotion, even job searches. But in maximizing your blogs, you need to beautify them. Since it’s also used for backlink needs, design will affect the performance of your sites. Especially if you are SEO specialists who apply whether white hat like guest post or grey hat like PBN. Owning good interface designs become a necessary.

The number one of private websites to be your inspiration is Marie Guillaumet. It has an affordable theme that you can see from the menu and layout. If you like this kind of design, you can use this as an example. Having a private website with a too stiff display doesn’t always suitable. You should look also at which niche you are focusing on. However, blogs like Marie Guillaumet are suitable for personal books complete with animation.

The number two of private websites to follow is For those who have passion in technology or creativity, this blog can be your inspiration. Scott Brown own a modern interface design that looks realistic and entertaining. Besides, it also has the comments section on every page which is useful to show it to the audiences. Are you professionals who have works on this subject? It’s surely perfect to take this blog as an example.

Different from the previous private websites, captures important moments of marriage. The most prominent of this site is the unique calligraphic fonts, high quality photographs, and the elegant white background. It looks so simple yet stunning to become your reference. If you want to display your work in an expressive way, you can use this kind of design.

Looking for a spacious web with beautiful design? Zoella could be one of good private websites reference. Beauty, Fashion and Life are the things preferred by this blog owner. If you feel the same passionate with Zoella, you can create the similar interface design. Combine the colors as the identity of your blog. Provide also catalogue design to cover contents as well as expressing ideas to your audiences.