Private Blog Network Posts Strategy

private blog network posts

There are actually many aspects in building PBN to discuss. Private Blog Network posts become one of the examples which is sometimes neglected by people. Since it becomes a strong domain criteria, PBN can improve web position on the first page. But on the other hand, you should also be careful of the footprints. Even though it is promising, there are many PBNs de-indexed by Google. Accordingly, SEO experts suggest newbies not to build PBNs. However, you can learn the basics steps in building PBN focusing on its posts below.

Produce Unique and Readable Contents

When we talk about Private Blog Network posts, of course it refers to the contents. Same as when you apply White Hat technique like guest post. In avoiding impression of PBN, it also requires unique and readable contents. You can use content machine, but it’s always good to provide good contents. If you want to link to your money site, producing unique contents becomes a necessity.

Use Variations of Anchor Text

The next thing that you need to be careful of Private Blog Network posts is the anchor text. You really need to be careful of its variations. Focusing more on branding keywords could be a good strategy to do. It’s because can make you easier to place the link in the articles. You also can focus on generic keywords and partial keywords then vary them.

Don’t Add the Link that Leads to Money Site in Your All Private Blog Network Posts

The third thing you should pay attention about Private Blog Network posts is backlink. You might want to get faster and greater result. But remember that avoiding impression of PBN is your concern. Therefore, don’t add the link that leads to money site in each post of your PBN sites.

Avoid Dangerous Links

Besides avoiding too much links that lead to money site, there is still one thing to remember. Avoiding dangerous links that contain of porn, gambling, and spam is important. It’s because there is possibility that Google will identify your sites owning less quality.