Private Blog Network vs Real Site Info

private blog network vs real site

It might be difficult for some people in understanding Private Blog Network vs real site. For those who are still confused, you can learn the basics here. There will be some points that can open your mind about these two different kinds of site. For those who are new, you absolutely need to get to know each before deciding which one suits your purpose. Even though they both can increase Seo, you should know some aspects below.


Visibility becomes the first point about Private Blog Network vs real site. As the name implies, you can interpret both of them. For the PBN, this technique purposes to boost our website position in the SERP. Did you ever this one before? There are already many people who moved on from the White Hat techniques like guest post to this one. But since it’s hidden the web owner, it’s quite difficult to recognize a Private Blog Network site. One thing you have to remember is you have to pay attention about footprints.

While for the real site, it’s like the usual sites out there. When we talk about the ownership, you don’t need to make it private except you have a reason to protect your site. Different from the PBN that you don’t know the owner, you can identify other real sites you’ve found from the individuals.

Quality Content

What’s next can explain Private Blog Network vs real site is the quality content. When you own or want to identify real site, the contents should be organic. Commonly people who own this kind of site create interesting and preferable contents. Even they also use All in One Seo to make the contents as the target. While for those who want to build a PBN, you don’t have to use organic contents. There are still other ways like using spun articles. But remember that creating organic content will be good for your PBN. So, it’s true that both of them have the same quality as power backlink.


Last but not least, value also becomes important in understanding Private Blog Network vs real site. This will concern more about backlink. Of course both have different strategy in reaching the target. For real site, you only need one to become a backlink for another real site. But if you use PBN, you should create at least 5 sites to make it as a backlink.