SEO is a way of attracting visitors through search engines. Since most search engines are used when orangutans are the internet, it is important for online businesses how SEO works and usage to increase traffic. According to research, nearly 70/80 percent of people search for information through search engines or search engines. Therefore, the online business people must know how to open their sites appear in the search engines.


From the analysis, search engine results, the important thing is to appear on the first page (page one). Because power stops on the first page and does not go to the second page. By knowing the strategy of building search engine optimization (SEO), internet marketers can attract many questions for free. What distinguishes SEO with other online strategies is this way can be free. Here are 3 important strategies for building effective and safe SEO:

Waiting for the best content SEO

We must understand how search engines work. On some search engines want to display content that matches what the user is looking for. Search engines can not display irrelevant or useless content. Because if the resulting content does not match, it will disappoint the user and the end of the search engine will no longer be used. Therefore, search engines are very concerned with good content. As much as possible the search engine will display quality content SEO.

Understanding keywords SEO

Search process in a search engine using keywords. For example, a user uses the keyword ‘online business’ when looking for information about this type of business. Therefore, online businesses that use SEO must understand the ‘keywords’ used by their target or target market. To understand keywords well, business people need to understand their target market. What they are looking for, the term they use.

Build backlinks

In SEO, one factor is building backlinks. What is a backlink? Simply, this is the link provided by other parties to our site. If the link is clicked then visitors will be delivered to the site given the link. There are many ways of building backlinks. Many parties can boldly build backlinks quickly with great results. However, that requires. How to find backlinks in bulk using automated software is very dangerous.

It could be broken sites rank backed up quickly on the search page, this way is also very vulnerable lack of Google algorithms that can be fatal, ie drop in rank in search engines (usually almost for all keywords) up to penalty to deindex (if bulk spamming done quite brutally).