Tips in Making WordPress Private Blogs

wordpress private blogs

Not only for those who want to try public blogging, WordPress also allows people to create private blog.  There are many reasons why then people want to make it. It’s not just beneficial to post private pictures and share it to your friends and family but also for personal business. You might want to know more about tips in making WordPress private blogs. Whether you use it for commercial or not, you should be careful because there is always a chance that someone wants to access it.

Pay Attention to the Security Plugins

The first element you need to pay attention about is the security plugins. It can help in maintaining technical things that might be confusing. Of course, it must be difficult for beginner in understanding it. But you still can learn about which plugins can secure your WordPress private blogs. There will be different plugins with different features that can be chosen. According to this, you should also be smart in exploring alternatives how to make your site secure.

Add Robots Rules

After deciding security plugins, you still have something else to think about. Adding robots rules become the next necessity in making WordPress private blogs. If you are wondering why, it’s because can be useful when you only want to privatize parts of your website. That’s why you should set up a robots.txt file. It will be great in hiding selected parts of your blog that there will be no crawler find it. In addition, when you are already using plugins, you also can control robots setting like adding robots rules to pages or individual posts in WordPress. This way easier to do because you don’t need any complicated code.

Don’t Forget to Backup Your Site

The last thing you need to always remember in making WordPress private blogs is backup your site. Backup system becomes very important since you own a business. You don’t want to lose all your blog data, right? Therefore, it’s a must to backup your site regularly. You can do it through a private server or local drive.