Setup BlogSpot with Your Custom Domain

The existence of free blogging sites really helps people for any activities. Did you ever…

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The existence of free blogging sites really helps people for any activities. Did you ever hear about Private Blog Network (PBN) and guest post? As the time goes by, blogs not only a place for those with thoughts but also can be a land of money. It’s really common these days in using blog for online business. Nevertheless, you might find a problem like the domain name. But don’t worry because you can learn how to setup BlogSpot with custom domain. If you use this one of the blog creation sites, it’s necessary to know. There are some points that will help you in setting up your custom domain.

Things to Remember

Knowing the advantages of setup Blogspot with custom domain will be the first thing to do. If you are new in blogging, you might be wondering why should you custom your domain. Yeah, it’s normal because commonly people familiar with the use of BlogSpot URL like “”. This seems boring, isn’t it? You surely can buy a domain name with cheap price from marketplaces like GoDaddy. The process of getting backlink using any strategies will be more maximal when you have a good name that suits your business.

Select the Preferable Domain Name

The next step how to setup BlogSpot with custom domain is select the preferable name. This would be very beneficial for people who want to start an online business. As we know that BlogSpot is a free platform that anyone can use it. But on the other hand, it’s often used by spammers. As the effect, this platform becomes less trusted by people. Therefore, the use of custom name will remove the impression of using a free blog without spammer.

Register the Domain

Once you’ve chosen a preferable name, it’s your time to add register domain name for  your blog. This is very simple to do just by login into the dashboard and Settings. Then you can go to Basics and find a Publishing option. After that, click 3rd party URL and insert the domain which your blog will be hosted at.

Error Message

After adding the domain name with www, you should do the next step how to setup BlogSpot custom domain. There will be an error saying that BlogSpot is not able to verify your domain. In this stage, you have to be patient because it takes a while to configure CNAME (alias) record. Besides, there is also detailed instructions of the CNAMEs. Then follow it and login to your domain control panel and make changes.