Tips to Make Network Private and Boost

make network private

For business requirement, Seo companies spend lots of money to manage a Private Blog Network. It because becomes an investment for long term. If you are following the Seo world, you might be familiar with kind of strategy. But it would be very risky when you want to use a PBN without knowing what is private blog network. As it’s actually not safe to do, but there are already people who prove it true that you can make network private and improves. You can imagine how great it’s to get traffic using PBN. There will be many benefits you can get include for guest post. Don’t only focus on the technical steps but also other things that can make network private and boost below.

Apply Long Tail Keywords

As it’s very necessary to rank your site using keyword strategy, you should target the keywords. Even though you can use tools to target the keywords, but it will still need strategy. Besides, you should be smart in finding find keywords that have never been used. Don’t waste your time on unnecessary keywords because it will make your way to rank your site slower. It’s better to use long tail keywords. If you don’t know yet, long tail keywords consist of 4 or more words. For instance, if you focus on business, you can create long tail keywords like how to make your business success. This is the first tips to make Network private and boost.

Get Involved on Relevant Groups

Besides keywords, you also need to think about aspects outside your PBN. Get involved on relevant groups is necessary in getting backlink for your PBN site. Be more active in communicating with people with the same niche. Then, when you already build a good relationship, you can post a link to a quality article on your site. This is the second tips to make Network private and boost.

Be more Valuable

Still Related to the previous tips to make Network private and boost, you should be more valuable. Did you ever heard about familiar Q&A sites like It’s your time to get more traffic with efficient strategy. Be there for anyone who are looking for a solutions of the problems they face with the same niche. Do it by posting high quality post or even infographic.