What is Farm Link? Basic Information

farm link

Knowing the technique is necessary to do for Seo campaign. You might ever heard about White Hat Seo or Black Hat Seo. These two are basic techniques you should familiar with. As we know that following the safety way is better than the one with more at risk. This what happens in Seo, if you want to feel secure, you need to choose White Hat Seo. Creating original and relevant contents are the examples. But because of ease and speed, there are still many Seo specialist who use Black Hat Seo like Farm Link. It’s your right to choose one which you prefer more. If you want to try Farm Link, there are some information to know.

Farm Link actually has similar concept with Private Blog Network or PBN. It’s a collection of websites purpose for backlink building. It means that every website you create will give backlink to the main website. Even though it’s not safe to use, but there are many people who find it useful like for guest post. It’s proven to rank the website in the search engine with easier way. For more detail explanation, you can look at some information below.

Brief Story

To understand what is Farm Link, you also need to know its story. This concept has been known since internet enter the market which was precisely happened in 1990. Then it began to spread when sales and advertisers saw its potential to get more visitors. As the main purpose of Seo is to make the website on the first page in the search engine, Farm Link got more popularity along with the first generation of SEO.

The Method

If you are wondering how Farm Link works, you can look at the method. It has an ability to connect a website with another reciprocally. For instance, if you have 5 websites, you need to connect all of them with links. It’s very beneficial to make the visitors switch and return to the same website again. In addition, it means a website has at least 4 links.

The Different between Farm Link and Backlink

There is still one thing you need to know which is the different between Farm Link and backlink. Since the appearance of search engines, the number of hyperlinks indicates good page rank and high traffic. It will also refer as a backlink. But what make this kind of link and backlink is the content quality. It can be said that Link Farming doesn’t really care about the quality of content.