Guest Blogging Strategy You Should Do

guest blogging strategy

Anything go places these days including the guest blogging. You already know right about the steps of how to do guest posting? Of course you should do guest blogging strategy which can make your effort worth. But do you already get the idea to make a right strategy? If you don’t know how to start, this article will help you to do the simple steps but effective to make result. You are as the owner of the blog should prepare a good strategy to avoid problems. You don’t want to get deal with Google in negative situation, do you?

Be Enterprising to Look for the Target

The first guest blogging strategy you should do is be enterprising to look for the target. It’s your responsibility to find the target whether it is blogs or resources which are suitable for guest blogging. Suitable in here means that they can help you to increase the website authority and traffic. There are some ways that you can do such as making list of the target based on the niche or looking at the author’s bio with the same niche as yours.

Be Active on Networking

The second guest blogging strategy you should do is be active on networking. You don’t want to wait  the bloggers too long right? It would waste your time with nothing. That’s why it’s better for you to be more active to find them. You can comment on the blog with the same niche and give suggestion to the topic they are discussing. The more you active, the more also the blogger notice your existence.

Prepare Your Sales’ Pitch

The third guest blogging strategy you should do is preparing your sales’ pitch. When we talk about which party needs it the most? It comes to you who need help from the blog owner. According to this case, you are required to know more about the blog you want to choose. But not only this, you should approach the blog by offering anything they need.

Create Your Guest Bio

The fourth guest blogging strategy you should do is creating your guest bio. When you read the guest post, you must be familiar with the couples text, link, and the author’s photo. According to what you’ve seen, you can learn how to make an interesting bio and link to make people interested to know you more.

Increase the Traffic

After you finish the previous guest blogging strategies, you may already success to post your articles on the websites you want. But is it already enough for you? You still want more, right? That’s why making your writings be known by wider audiences is necessary to do. Increase the traffic of your website by utilizing the platforms you have. This is a great strategy in guest blogging for Seo that you can try. Promote and promote your writings and don’t turn off the comment section because this what makes you become more visible for the audiences.